Create A Real Estate Business In Three Steps!

With real estate, you can earn a lot of money and get the much desired financial freedom, as I have mentioned on previous occasions. I have also said that large amounts of money are not necessary to start. Nor do you need experience. The only thing you need is a step-by-step system.

Understand Your Real Estate Business

To become a real estate investor, you need to know and understand the market. I’m going to divide it into three parts:

Real estate marketing means that the first activities to which you will devote will be selling real estate to other people.

In other words, you will be dedicated to being a real estate agent, either as an independent worker or creating your franchise.

The first thing you have to do is learn to capture properties from the general public and take them to the real estate market.

Sale Of Real Estate

Sale of real estate: after having at least ten features contracted with you, the second step is to sell them. With this activity, you will thoroughly enter the real estate market, and you will begin to emerge the opportunities of the investor without money, that is to say, the chances of remodeling without buying the property, those of taking land without buying them and building real estate without money and selling them.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom: you have already achieved it. You followed the first two steps to the letter and managed to start investing in real estate without going bankrupt. You already have enough confidence in yourself to build your heritage. Now enjoy your success, without excesses.

How Do I Become An Investor?

When you have your real estate marketing business, some owners will begin to tell you phrases like “There are already twenty visits, and I have not been able to sell my house, because it is not in good condition and I cannot fix it.” Thus, you probably already have sold other properties, you will capture that property without buying it. You will invest in the remodeling and then sell it quickly.

Another option you have is that there are lots of land in urban areas. What you must do is capture those lands, without acquiring them, and you will pre-sell the property. The buyer gives you the money for the construction and, of course, you can collect your share for the work you have done to achieve it.

Real Estate

The Risk In Real Estate – More Money, Better Life

Everything in life has risks, every day we all face risks at different levels but they are risks product of our actions and decisions. In the real estate business the same thing happens, as the companies move forward in the development of the project, new risks appear that could fail or not of the project, and it is the responsibility of the company’s managers to work hard to reduce it through planning and the marketing

It seems that, currently venturing into this business is profitable, the value of the properties are increasing considerably, the land has practically doubled its importance in recent years and the real estate companies offer large amounts of money to property owners (houses, land) Strategically located to develop millionaire real estate projects, many people also want to realize the dream of their own home and are obtaining housing at higher prices as the demand is increasing.

Financial institutions have added to this and offer customers many economic advantages (that did not exist before), for example, property mortgages in periods of up to 30 years.

But it should be noted that venture into new business always brings a risk factor, the simple fact of thinking that you will succeed in a market that is profitable to many companies does not guarantee success in real estate, it takes much more than good intentions for this to be achieved.


6 Useful Tips For Choosing A Good Automotive

Today there are thousands of businesses that offer automotive cleaning services, but with so much offer, how to know who to trust your car?. Here are some tips to help you make a better decision when hiring an automotive detailing service:

Observe who attends you when you arrive or call by phone: If a secretary visits you, they usually make you wait on the line until the attendant or who can give you information. It is always better when the owner attends to you as this generates confidence and will usually give you the best attention. You can also provide an idea of how much you know about the subject.

Avoid deciding on the price, remember “Cheap is expensive”: As there are many automotive detailing businesses in Guadalajara, there is also a wide variety regarding prices but generally in this business, a low price = poor quality. By hiring a cheap service, you are probably risking more damage to your car than initially had, so you end up hiring quality service to repair the damage and end up paying more.

Avoid Express services: To achieve a “detailed” work and avoid accidents you have to dedicate the time that is necessary, if you offer a complete service of detailed exteriors and interiors in a day or less, it will be better than you run out of there before they damage your car and cause you a bad experience. A good job of elaborate detailing may require from 3 to 6 days depending on the conditions of the car. It would be illogical to think that the wear and damage generated by the use for years can be restored in just a few hours, do not you think?

Ask what brands of products use: Using quality products is important but does not guarantee quality in the workforce, it is necessary to know how to use them correctly. Some of the best brands that currently exist for automotive detailing in the Mexican market are Sonax, Jescar, Scholl Concepts, Menzerna, 22PLE, Maguire’s, Mother’s, Nanolex and Chemical Guys. The quality of products used always goes hand in hand with the price of the service.

Request to see your work done under sunlight: This will help you to see physically or graphically the quality of the work done and the natural sunlight will reveal the flaws in the polishing work such as polisher marks, scratches not removed, badly applied wax, etc. If they do not have a record of their jobs, it is probably because they are not sure of what they are offering.

Detailed automotive professional.- In practically all automotive detailing businesses claim to be “professional” and lack professionalism, so you have to ignore this word when choosing a place to trust your car

Mercamadrid will have a trade school and another business this next course

Mercamadrid – which is 51 percent owned by Madrid City Council and 48.6 percent by the national company Mercasa – will have its trade school and business center this coming year.

It will serve to train, in the first place, the future butchers, fishmongers, fruit sellers, and butchers demanded by the sector and, secondly, the managers of the food SMEs, so that they know not only the product but also the products. Fiscal, labor and security aspects to set up a business with these characteristics.

The school of crafts will serve to guarantee the generational change because at this moment they close businesses not because they are not profitable but because there is no relief.

Both schools will be launched through partnerships with wholesalers, retailers, administrations, universities and the Agency for Employment of the City. They will also sit down with the Community of Madrid to homologate and recognize the degrees they offer.